React Fast After A House Fire To Preserve Your Home

Posted on: 19 March 2015

If you had a small fire throughout your home, the lingering dangers could be hazardous to your health, even fatal. It's important that you have all of the evidence of the fire removed, and everything cleaned by professionals.

A professional fire damage clean up team can come in and remove all traces of the fire, and make your home safe again. Here are a few reasons you need professional help to take care of the situation.

Smoke Inhalation Is Toxic

There could be smoke absorbed in areas throughout the house, and it can stay long after the fire has been put out. Inhaling this smoke is toxic, and you need to have it extracted from the house. The professionals are going to use machines that pull the smoke out of carpeting, drywall and other materials, to prevent your from inhaling the toxins inside the home.

You also want to have them clean the ducts while they are at your house, to remove any smoke that could have gotten trapped in the ventilation system. You should also change the filter on your furnace.

Smoke Can Smell and Stain

Not only is inhaling the smoke dangerous, but the smoke is going to leave an odor. The cleaning will remove the odors and markings. The smoke will leave stains all over the house. The faster you call the damage restoration company, the easier it will be for them to get the stains out. The furniture and other items that are salvageable will be clean and fresh after the experts are done.

Paint and Seal

The company may suggest that you paint and seal any concerns with a latex based paint, so there aren't any other issues with inhaling smoke, or smelling odors. You can have the company do this, or you can do it on your own. The restoration company will tell you if drywall needs to be replaced.

If your home was built before the 1980's, you'll want to have a home inspection company come in to see if there is any exposed asbestos or lead from the fire, which can be another concerning problem. If you have had a fire throughout the home, call your home insurance agency and call a fire restoration company to get the house cleaned as quickly as possible. Leave the home until you know it's safe to enter, and that all of the fire damages have been removed.


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