How To Remove The Smell Of Mildew From Your Basement

Posted on: 24 April 2015

If you recently had water back up in your basement, one of your tasks will be to remove the smell of mildew. It's not enough to remove the water; you need to properly deodorize the room to eliminate the mildew for good. Here is how to do it.


Wet furniture needs to be dried out completely. If you only had a little bit of water in the basement, you might be lucky with only the legs of your furniture being wet. Ideally, get the furniture outdoors so it isn't resting on the damp flooring. Use fans or space heaters to remove moisture. You can use your hair dryer for drying small crevices.

After your furniture is dry, look over the item for signs that mold is growing. The best way to remove mold spores is using a bristled brush with a vinegar and hot water cleaning solution. It will clean the mold you can't see. Once the area you spot treated is dry, sprinkle baking soda on it to remove the lingering odor. Wait 24 hours, then sweep and vacuum the baking soda off.


Small area rugs are easy to clean. You can treat them exactly like you would for furniture, by drying them outside and spot treating mold. If your basement has carpeting, the cleaning process will be much more difficult.

The carpet can be saved if you dry it as much as possible. Once again, use fans and heaters to dry the surface well. Then peel back the carpeting to expose areas on the underside that are wet, and dry them in a similar manner.

Carpet padding can be difficult to remove water from, and it is much easier to replace the wet padding altogether. Use a razor knife to cut out wet sections, or rip out all of the carpet padding if the entire basement flooded. Before you lay down new padding, it is a good chance to clean your subflooring while you have access to it. Mop up standing water, and use fans to dry the area. When your subfloor is clean, it will be safe to lay down new carpet padding and roll out the dry carpeting.

It helps to put a dehumidifier in your basement to assist with the drying process. If the air is too moist, it will be unable to dry your flooring by pulling the moisture out and into the air.

If you still can't get rid of that mildew smell, even after cleaning everything, contact a water damage restoration company in your area like Central Flood Management Inc that can help do it for you.


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