What Do Fire Repair Contractors Actually Do?

Posted on: 20 January 2020

After there is a fire in your home, it will often be several weeks, if not months, before you can move back in. You'll need to have a fire repair contractors come in and restore the home to a livable condition. All you have to do is sign a contract, step away, and wait for your home to be transformed. But if you're the curious type, you're probably wondering just what the fire damage repair contractors will do while you're gone. Here's a look.

1. Pump Out Water

Fire companies have to use quite a bit of water to put out the fire! So your home will likely be flooded once the fire is out. The first thing a damage restoration company will typically do is pump out any standing water. 

2. Exhaust Moisture

Even with the majority of the water pumped out, there will still be a lot of water in the home. Building materials, carpeting, and furniture will all be wet. The air will be humid, so the moisture won't evaporate out of the materials very quickly without some help. Restoration contractors usually bring in giant fans and dehumidifiers to remove moisture from the air. 

3. Clean the Air

Restoration teams will typically start cleaning the air as soon as they get into the home. They'll do this concurrently with pumping and exhausting moisture. This is because mold growth can start almost immediately once a home gets wet, so there are probably lots of mold spores in the air already. They can use big air filters to clean the air. Sometimes, these may be part of the overall exhaust system that is also used to dehumidify the air.

4. Remove Water-Damaged Materials

Some materials are going to be beyond saving. Carpeting that got wet, for example, is not usually worth saving since you can't effectively clean mold out from the backing. Warped and wet drywall is usually not salvageable either. The restoration team will typically bring a few dumpsters and get rid of all this damaged stuff so you don't have to worry about it.

5. Rebuild

Once the home is clear of water, mold spores, and damaged materials, your restoration contractors will start rebuilding. Sometimes they might outsource this part of the project out to a home building team. If you are concerned about who will be working on your home, reach out to the contractors. They can work with you to ensure the repairs that are made to meet your design goals.


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